A Place in all our Hearts

Established in 1993 by the Leo Wiechens family, Kenny’s Place serves the intellectually disabled adults of Marion County. We offer our members various skill training in horticulture, laundry, cooking, arts & crafts. Kenny’s Place is a very unique program in Marion County as we do not charge our members a fee to attend.


To create a positive, caring and accepting environment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.



The following are the foundation of Kenny’s Place:

  • To provide a safe faith-based environment for our members and staff.
  • To maintain the highest level of integrity for our members by treating them with dignity, respect and equality.
  • To provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities full inclusion with opportunities in the community.
  • To teach adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities self-advocacy so they are able to make decisions for their well-being.



Life Skills Development: The members at Kenny’s Place learn and practice daily living skills, based on their individualized needs.

Vocational Skills Acquisition: Our members assist with daily operations and customer interactions at our plant nursery. Shelf stocking, sewing

Community-Based Instruction: Inclusive community outings provide our clients with social skills and financial skills.

Volunteerism: Although Kenny’s Place is a non-profit, we believe in giving back to the community who supports us.